WordPress is one of the most used content management and blogging softwares available on the web. The platform has grown increasingly popular amongst podcasters as a way to generate a website in order to advertise and distribute their content. 

Libsyn, therefore, offers a connector for WordPress, allowing producers to have one place to publish their post and media, syndicating that content out to WordPress automatically. This solution allows a producer to publish an episode in Libsyn and have that episode automatically appear as a post on their WordPress site. (If you are looking for a different workflow, please checkout our Libsyn Publisher Hub WordPress Plugin instead).

There are a few caveats worth mentioning before we get started.

  • You should already have a WordPress site setup through a web host. Our WordPress OnPublish will not work with most WordPress.com websites. It only operates with self hosted WordPress installations.
  • Looking for a WordPress Managed host? We recommend pair Networks. Another Pittsburgh based company, pair Networks has been hosting websites for the hobbyist up through large enterprise. They offer a fully managed WordPress solution that makes setup, security, and support easy. All Libsyn customers receive free setup and 10% discounts on their website hosting package.
  • As we do not host the WordPress site, we can assist in the setup. However; please understand that different web hosts may have different restrictions that may prevent the WordPress destination from working properly. This is out of our power, and not something we can support or fix. Our support team will let you know if your question requires the investigation of your web host, or your site administrator.

Let’s get started!

Prepping Your WordPress Site

The first thing you need to do is make sure your WordPress site is ready to accept posts from Libsyn. There are two requirements for WordPress OnPublish to work with your site:

  1. XML-RPC Must be enabled
  2. The iFrame Plugin needs installed


XML-RPC is a protocol that is frequently used by blogging softwares for the purpose of allowing posts to transfer and be properly formatted between one service and another, as in this case between Libsyn and WordPress.

Some web hosts will disable or rate limit XML-RPC for security purposes. If this is the case, WordPress OnPublish will not be able to post to your site. Double check with Libsyn’s support team if you have trouble getting posts into your WordPress site.

iFrame Plugin

In order for WordPress to display the HTML5 Media Player in your WordPress posts, it needs the iFrame plugin (this is also true if you are manually embedding the player in your posts). To install the iFrame plugin, log into your WordPress Administration, and under Plugins select Add New.

Search for iFrame. The first plugin in the search results that appears should be titled simply, iFrame. That is the plugin you are looking for, install and activate the plugin.